Current news of Cindi Brodhecker and The Priscilla Woman’s Tours

Cindi has taken another step in faith as President of The Priscilla Woman’s Tours for Women of Noble character, Faith, and Joy ~ Traveling together for Fellowship, Spiritual Enrichment and Friendship.

Women want to travel if they are single, widowed, divorced, have more time and interest to travel than their husbands or want to be part of this glorious calling of being a woman who seeks God with fellow sisters in their faith.

Patterned after the woman Priscilla from Acts 18; a woman who possessed spiritual strength, grace and love of God and her fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Priscilla was involved in the business world as a tentmaker along side her husband Aquila and the Apostle Paul. She knew life in Rome, Greece and Turkey as she moved from place to place as the Lord directed this godly woman to follow Him. Priscilla gives us a fine example to follow today as modern woman who also want to go and explore, meet and experience the world in a comfortable atmosphere with other modern day Priscillas.

The tours offered will include special speakers, special entertainment, dramatic performances by professional actors, and much, much more. (These special features will be noted for each travel experience) Some of our travel experiences will be to places important to our faith, some will be to places important to our history as woman and country, and some will be for the shear joy of being a woman and traveling with other women.

Tours will be offered for you to join in the fun and opportunity of scheduled travel or we can organize and plan a custom tour for your organization for woman. We welcome you as a partner in this endeavor to open doors and pack our suitcases.

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Please send us your thoughts on this travel opportunity, your tour suggestions, speaker and performer suggestions and your encouragement for this travel ministry and service.

Past article on Cindi Brodhecker and Faith Travel Development & Consulting, courtesy of the Patriot News, Harrisburg, PA


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