Cindi Brodhecker, Creator of The Priscilla Woman's ToursWelcome to The Priscilla Woman’s Tours, designed by a woman who desires to serve women with the wanderlust to travel and a heart to honor God. Cindi Brodhecker, President of Faith Travel Development & Consulting has created this division of her company to provide a wholesome, fun time for women as a part of her own faith, long time dream and passion to pursue this travel market for faith and fulfillment.

The Priscilla Woman’s Tours is a concept of Faith Travel Development & Consulting. Women of all ages and due to many different circumstances want to travel. Many women want to travel in an environment of safety, comfort and harmonious spirit. The mission and purpose of The Priscilla Woman’s Tours is to provide that opportunity to women—based on the character and person of Priscilla from the New Testament. Priscilla was a married woman but strong in spirit, comfortable in the work place as a tent maker beside her husband Aquilla and Paul. She has been acknowledged by many as the strength in many of life’s situations and a woman of noble character, held in high regard by many. The Priscilla Woman is a woman of Christian faith, strength and desire to go and see and make more friends along the way.

There are many tours available to every part of the world, but many tours are made up of 90% couples and 10% ladies traveling together. The Priscilla Woman’s Tours will be 100% women. They might be single, divorced, widows, girlfriends, mothers and daughters, or wives that would like to travel but have a husband who has no interest or no vacation time. No set reason is needed for women traveling together but to go and see, experience, taste, learn and leave your footprint in other parts of the world.

Special features for some tours will be guest speakers, special study times, time for pampering, shopping and being women of noble character who “let their hair down” to enjoy life. Gigi Graham, daughter of world famous preacher and teacher Billy Graham is ready to travel with some tours to visit places special to her. We may have a performer travel with us to reenact women of history--Biblical or area history, Travel to Israel and experience sites through the drama presentation of :

This is only a sample of what we plan as we travel together.

Are you ready to be a Priscilla Woman and pack your suitcase for a travel experience that encourages your heart and soul? Be sure to visit the tours page for our current and upcoming tours.  New Tours posted-see all the travel possibilities!!!

Also take a look at The Priscilla Woman's Tours brochure

Attention Travel Professionals The Priscilla Woman’s Tours will work with you and your clients to join any tour listed on the website. Your ladies will discover the joy of traveling with other Modern Day Priscilla’s and you will be rewarded with happy clients and commission! Please contact me regarding the commission available for each tour listing.

We want to partner with you and help you succeed in this niche market of Faith Based travel.


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